Our Story

When most people think about bakeries, they immediately just think of cakes, breads, cookies, etc. Well we hate to say it, but Sugar and Spice is a new one for the books.

Sugar and Spice is two successful businesses that have merged to create something more unique for the community of Pahrump and for the Southern Nevada region. We pride ourselves in being not your average bakery; which is also our slogan.

The creators of Sugar and Spice is Jessica DeJarnett (sugar) who owned and operated Cakes, Cookies and Creations; she prides herself with being new, imaginative and always fresh ingredients and everything is made from scratch. (NO BOX MIXES HERE!!) Then we have Kristin Swan (Spice)who owned and operated Pearl and Swan Catering and Events, where she also prides herself on being fresh, local, creative and unique in her flavors and plate designs.

So here is a little backstory on our creators/business partners. Lets start off with Jessica (sugar)

Jessica has been in the professional culinary industry for 16 years, where she started out cooking with her mother and grandmother at the  age of 5. If you ask her why she will always say it was her dad telling her to ‘go help her mom in the kitchen’; and follow up with ‘it went down hill from there.’ She started her culinary carrier at the Culinary Institute of Las Vegas which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. She wanted to be savory but all of her instructors knew otherwise. She moved around the world and some how or other ended up in Pahrump, Nevada and started her own business Cakes, Cookies and Creations.

She will always say if it wasn’t for her amazing community and a few amazing women who helped her get connections in Pahrump but mainly she thanks her mother Lori and of course Kristin for really supporting her the whole way. 

Now before we get all mushy, lets talk about our other amazing creator/business partner Kristin (spice).

Kristin story isn’t much different then Jessica, she started at the age of 3 working for her aunt that owned a cake business, she started learning how to crumb coat cakes, decorate and learning anything her aunt would teach her. She will say time and time again that spending time with her aunt was the best times she can remember at such a young age. Spending time with someone you have always looked up; then she moved to working a various different places from roller rinks, restaurants, bars alike and when she wasn’t busy serving tables, she would be in the kitchen asking the cooks and chefs on how to make various things. Kristin made her way up from mom and pop shops to fine dining in no time; her collective time in the kitchen to restaurant experience is way over 35 years; but don’t tell her that we mentioned how long, ladies should never reveal their age.

The day Jessica and Kristin met was one unique experience, they were both working at a craft fair called Art and Soul and were promoting their own businesses. They became acquaintances, then friends, then shortly best friends to where they talk to each other probably 5 times a day via phone. Then the friendship blossomed to becoming one of the most unique, flavorful, dietary friendly place you have ever seen. They do everything from Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Sugar Free and Keto items; and of course fully leaded. 

Kristin Swan and Jessica DeJarnett would like to encourage you to drop in, say hello and asks us what is new on the menu!