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Our Story

Sugar and Spice Pahrump LLC is not just a bakery, we are a deli, made to order breakfast shop, caterer, and manufacturer; so I guess you can say "NOT YOUR AVERAGE BAKERY". Wait! You can say that! Because its our moto, Sugar and Spice Pahrump LLC is not your average bakery.

Sugar and Spice Pahrump LLC is solely owned and operated by our world renound pastry chef Jessica Dejarnett. Jessica has traveled the world from North Pole to South Pole, working everywhere in between. Jessica worked in Alaska, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Washington State, Nevada, California, Kentucky, and South Carolina; because she has traveled the world she is bringing her training to the small town of Pahrump, Nevada. 

Jessica first started her business out of her mother home as a cottage baker and soon was able to open a store front from her family willingness to help financially by investing in her vision. She is supported by her family, boyfriend and son. Her son is the main reason why she started her own businesses, for she had always talked about it, but it wasn't until he was 6 months old that is when she finally had the strive to do so; make a better life for her and her son (back when she was a single mother). 

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